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ASN001 - Arasystem 360 kit

Arasystem kit specifications

The Arasystem 360 kit is the perfect starting point to get to know the Arasystem. It contains everything to grow, irrigate, transport and collect seeds from 360 individual plants.

Packaging details

Each ARASYSTEM 360 kit contains:

  • 360 Aracons: 360 Aratubes + 360 Arabases, the central seed-harvesting parts of the Arasystem.
  • 357 Arabaskets: small baskets that fit in the Araflat pot cavities and allow individual plants to be moved around at all stages.
  • 7 Araflats: plastic array with 51 individual pot cavities
  • 7 Aratrays: solid plastic tray that fits underneath the Araflat and allows you to water and transport the plants in the Araflat.


  • height: 36 cm
  • length: 54 cm
  • width: 51 cm
  • weight: 16 kg
Price VAT exclusive