Using the ARASYSTEM provides the following advantages:

  • Plants grow in individual containers
  • Arabidopsis 'weeds' do not intertangle
  • No cross-fertilisation
  • No seed contamination
  • No spreading of seeds
  • Automatic seed harvest over entire life cycle
  • Seed collection in one single simple operation
  • Applicable in growthrooms and greenhouses
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(courtesy of VIB - Greenhouse, Belgium)

Prof. Dr. Kazuki Saito Riken Plant Science Center

The ARASYSTEM is a great invention. I was working as a post doc in Gent, Belgium when the ARASYSTEM was developed. We continued to use it at RIKEN ever since.

Used by:

The system

The Arasystem consists of 4 different parts


ARACONs are seed harvesting devices that automatically collect the seeds produced by individual Arabidopsis plants during their entire life cycle.

ARACONs also prevent cross fertilisation of flowers and cross contamination of seeds arising from plant to plant contact. Moreover ARACONs reduce the risk of uncontrolled release of transgenic seeds into the environment.


ARACON tube which guides the falling seeds into the base and prevents neighbouring plants from touching one another.
ARACON base that contains an inverted cone that both guides the growing stem into the container and collects the falling seeds.


ARABASKETs fit exactly into the pot cavities of ARAFLATs. They allow individual plants to be moved around at all stages of the Arabidopsis life cycle.


ARAFLATs are arrays of 51 individual pot cavities


ARATRAYs are solid plastic trays fitting underneath the ARAFLATs.

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